Bird Streets Information

The Bird Streets neighborhood is found within the 90069 zip code and borders the Trousdale Estates development of Beverly Hills to the west, Sunset Plaza and the rest of the Hollywood Hills to the north and east, and La Collina Estates, the Sunset Strip, and West Hollywood to the south. Doheny Estates is the northernmost section of the Bird Streets and typically offers some of the best views from its perch atop the foothills.

Many architectural masterpieces dot the hillside, in styles such as Mid-Century Modern, Ultramodern glass jewel boxes, Traditional, Mediterranean, and even the occasional Cape Cod. The area also features many older nondescript homes on prime view lots with unobstructed views of the Los Angeles basin, which is why the area has been a target, in recent years, for developers who want to build a sexy Hollywood Hills home with the type of views only Los Angeles offers.

Much of the Bird Streets area features terraced lots to preserve the valuable views for neighbors; homes in the neighborhood with the best views will sell for twice the price as those without.

The neighborhoods streets are named after birds such as Blue Jay Way, Oriole Drive, Oriole Way, Oriole Lane, Tanager Way, Thrasher Avenue, Skylark Lane, Nightingale Drive, Robin Drive, Swallow Drive, Kinglet Drive, Thrush Way, Warbler Way, Warbler Place, Flicker Way, Flicker Place, Bluebird Avenue, Bobolink Place, Mockingbird Place, and Vireo Drive. Non-bird names such as Doheny Drive, Sierra Mar Drive, Sierra Mar Place, Marcheeta Place, and Hopen Place can also be found in the area.

Famous Bird Streets Estates and Homes:

  • 1567 Blue Jay Way: Former home of George Harrison and where he wrote Blue Jay Way on an organ his landlord had left in his rental home while waiting for his friends, who had lost their way in a fog, to arrive - the song was on The Beatles's Magical Mystery Tour

  • 1634 Blue Jay Way: Home of Inspector Gadget Creator Andy Heyward. 

  • 1401 Oriole Drive: Former home of Lionel Ritchie and Grant Cardone. Currently owned by a Wal-Mart heiress

  • 1423 Oriole Drive (a.k.a. The Montalban House): Former home of Ricardo Maltalban. 

  • 1455 Oriole Drive (a.k.a. Sale House): 1949 Mid-Century Modern home. Architects: Smith & Williams

  • 9161 Oriole Way: Former home of Andre Young (a.k.a. Dr. Dre)

  • 9258 Nightingale Drive: Once owned by Megan Ellison. Renovating Architect: Steve Hermann

  • 9312 Nightingale Drive (a.k.a. Nightingale Residence): Architect: Zoltan Pali and Builder: Gugally-Oberfeld

  • 9318 Nightingale Drive (a.k.a. Oberfeld Residence): 2012 California Home & Design winner for Residential Architecture. Architect: Zoltan Pali

  • 9329 Nightingale Drive: Architect: Richard Landry

  • 9219 Flicker Way: Former home of Jodie Foster and Cheryl Tiegs

  • 9155 Warbler Place: Former home of Stan Lee

  • 9248 Swallow Drive: 1961 Mid-Century Modern home. Design house of 2007 by Metropolitan Home and featured house of 2007 by West Week. 

  • 1423 Tanager Way: 2012 Modern architectural home. Former home of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, a.k.a. the Winkelvoss Twins